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Useful Information

PRM: all you need to know

Here you will find all relevant information on PRM assistance and useful downoloads.

Who can ask for assistance

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Choose among three different parking options: find out more about rates and locations here or dial +39-070-21121560 or +39-070-21121561.

To and from the airport

Public transportation connects Cagliari Airport to the city centre and all major locations throughout  Sardinia: trains, busses and taxis are at your disposal: click here for more info.

Rent a car

Find out more about the car rental companies operating at the airport.

Your rights

Here you can download the “Charter of Air Passengers’ Rights” issued by ENAC, a practical tool containing information and updates on the basic rights and on the assistance passengers may expect in case of disruptions in air transport.

A Braille version of the Charter is available in the Sala Amica (PRM dedicated lounge).

You can submit your comments, suggestions and complaints by writing to info@cagliariairport.it. Please provide all useful information and details.

Security controls

Passengers and hand luggage will be screened by airport security staff before being allowed to access the boarding area (sterile area): click here for further info.

Lost or damaged luggage

Lost or damaged baggage must be reported to the Baggage Assistance Office in the baggage reclaim hall.

To be able to claim compensation you must report any case of lost, damaged or tampered-with luggage before leaving the baggage reclaim area.

Lost Property Office

SOGAER’s Lost Property Office is located on the second floor of the air terminal. Click here for info on opening hours and contact details.

No-stop flight connections

Have a look at the scheduled flight connections currently operated to and from Cagliari Airport.

Flight ticket

The airline ticket is a contract: here you can find out more about it.

Baggage allowance

Bags and suitcases are entitled to be carried as hand luggage or in the hold of the aircraft according to the baggage allowance and the general rules of each passenger’s airline ticket. Baggage allowance may vary depending on class of travel and ticket fare.

Carrying liquids, gels and aerosols onboard

Liquids, gels and aerosols carried in the cabin on board the aircraft are subject to restrictions according to EU aviation security regulations. For further information you may click here (by ENAC).

Items prohibited on board aircraft

It is strictly forbidden to carry:
• briefcases with alarm devices
• radioactive substances
• infectious or poisonous substances
• magnetized substances
• oxidizing substances
• inflammable liquids
• inflammable solids (i.e. matches)
• explosive substances (i.e. ammunitions, flares, fire crackers, fireworks)
• inflammable gases, non-flammable and poisonous gases.
It is also forbidden to carry on board scissors, knives, screwdrivers, blades and other objects that may be used as weapons.


Choose here where to relax and have a snack, a glas of wine or a complete meal inside the terminal.

Shopping at the airport

Shopping facilities at the airport are open 365 days a year: click here to find more about our brands.